It has come to the attention of the SMCC Board of Directors that “No Trespassing” signs are posted at the entrance to the easement-controlled (northern) access at Allenspur near Livingston (see image below).  As a matter of clarification, the easement held by SMCC since 2005, is still in place and climbers and hikers maintain a rightful use of the easement and trail to access public BLM land to the east. We are working with the landowners to resolve their concerns – specifically around people trespassing on their property off of the easement trail, littering, and campfires.

There is another access point to the south that is controlled by a different landowner.  Use of the southern access is a privilege granted by the landowner, who has requested people not bring dogs across their property and that people stick to the signed trail.  If you have been bringing your dog through that property, please refrain from doing so. Likewise, please stay on the marked trail.  It is imperative that we respect the lawful requests of landowners.

Our access to Allenspur depends on climbers behaving responsibly and respecting private landowners. If you are going to climb at Allenspur please abide by the following rules:

  • Park at Carters Bridge and walk to the crag following designated access routes
  • Leave your dog at home
  • Respect private property
  • Leave no trace – pack out your litter and any other trash you see
  • No campfires – Allenspur is dry and windy all year long

Remember, the SMCC is you, acting as a member of an organized coalition of conscientious climbers.  By working together to act responsibly we all help to secure the future of climbing in southwest Montana.