SMCC Stance on Manufacturing Holds:

The Southwest Montana Climbers Coalition opposes any intentional alteration of rock for the purpose of creating or enhancing holds. This includes gluing, chipping, and drilling. As a group that represents the climbing community, the SMCC contends that such actions degrade the reputations of climbers as a user group. By lessening our status with land managers and land owners, such behavior potentially threatens access. Through education and public pressure, we hope that this issue will not become a problem in our area.

On 5/30/19, SMCC posted photos on social media of manufactured holds at Allen Spur climbing area. The photos were provided by a concerned local climber. Almost immediately, the offender admitted to manufacturing holds and vowed to not do it again. This incident is a testament that such matters can be resolved and hopefully prevented through thoughtful and intelligent public discourse.

In the future, the SMCC recommends that climbers address differences of opinion about ethical questions (e.g., bolting, manufacturing, etc.) among themselves in an open, mature manner rather than encouraging or expecting the SMCC or land managers to resolve those differences.