Allenspur Access – Know Before You Go

Allenspur is unique among Southwest Montana climbing areas. While most of the climbing is on public (BLM) land, the only way to access it is to cross private land. In 2005 Southwest Montana Climbers Coalition negotiated a legal easement with one of the private landowners adjacent to Allenspur for climbers and other hikers to access the crag on a designated hiking trail. This easement remains in effect and we are working with the current landowners to ensure responsible and respectful public access through their property.

The map below shows where the SMCC easement across private property is located. Park in the public fishing access lot at Carters Bridge (do not block the private driveway), walk north up the driveway, and follow the marked and designated trail until you reach BLM land. When passing through private property stay on the designated trail, don’t litter, and help out by picking up any additional trash you find along the way.

Map courtesy of Joe Josephson

Aside from the SMCC easement, many climbers access Allenspur by walking up the East River road from Carters Bridge, crossing the fence on a small ladder, and cutting across a privately-owned field to head directly to the cliffs. This is also shown on the map.

 This access is provided by a different landowner than the property through which the SMCC easement passes, and access is allowed on a voluntary basis. This parcel of private property also includes the Main Cliff and Beach Ball area. The public holds no legal right to cross this field or climb at these two areas and the landowner can revoke access at any point. It is very kind of them to allow climbers to access Allenspur through their property, going so far as to set up the ladder so we can easily cross their fence, and allow climbing on their land. In order to maintain this access, climbers must behave responsibly and abide by their rules. First and foremost, stick to the signed trail and do not wander off-route across private land. Second, they ask that people not bring dogs through their property – this is not voluntary. Don’t bring your dog to Allenspur.  Finally, and this should go without saying – do not remove any of the signs marking the trail or noting private property.  

Climbing access to Allenspur depends on all of us behaving responsibly and respecting private landowners. If you are climbing at Allenspur please abide by the following rules:

  • Park at Carters Bridge and walk to the crag following designated trails
  • Leave your dog at home
  • Respect private property
  • Leave no trace – pack out your litter and any other trash you see
  • No campfires – Allenspur is dry and windy all year long